Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taliban Attack Sikhs, Christians

Karachi. 30th April 2009.

It is yet another sad day in Pakistan as over thirty persons were killed in violent clashes in different areas of Karachi and over 24 vehicles set ablaze, even houses and shops in big numbers were set on fire.

In the northern tribal area of Orakzai, the houses of eleven Sikhs were burned because they refused to pay an Islamic tax called "Jazia". Islamic Sharia imposes this tax on non-Muslims living in an Islamic state. The Constitution of Pakistan does not include provisions for such a tax.

The Taliban are in control of the area and Talibanization is on the rise. In addition to Sikhs, there are Christians living throughout the Taliban controlled areas.

Please pray for Pakistan and the Christians living there as there are threats of further attacks on the Churches all over Pakistan.

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