Saturday, April 25, 2009

Episcopal Church Prayer Book

Note that the 1979 Rites I and II are essentially the same except for the use of older English in Rite I. Rite I is not the original Anglican formulary.

Many Episcopalians don't know that the 1979 book is not a true Book of Common Prayer because they have no experience of the true BCP.

Similar comparisons can be made of the Ordination of Priests, of Baptism, and of the Catechism. The 1979 Book departs from historic Anglican belief and practice in each of these.


Bob Copp said...

What exactly is the point? Do you believe in and accept progress? My clothes today are different from what I wore an hour after my birth in 1921, and are more appropriate to my situation.

Alice C. Linsley said...

The point is that you are clothed. The 1979 Book represents spiritual nudity.

You seem to think that change over time is progress. That's an illusion, my friend. Plato is right... nothing really changes. This existence is one unchanging Reality.

Prayer always has been a spiritual nod to this single Reality. This is the only explanation for the religious universals among diverse peoples throughout all time. This is why the next great debate in science will be between honest cultural anthropologists and macro-evolutionists.