Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mexico: Swine Flu Serious Threat

The World Health Organization is keeping a close watch on the possible spread of swine flu beyond Mexico and US border cities. The Washington Post reports:

More than 800 cases and at least 62 deaths have been reported in Mexico, with most of the cases occurring in the country's sprawling capital of Mexico City. But cases have been reported elsewhere in the country, and at least eight cases have been found in California and Texas near the Mexican border.

Although the U.S. cases have been mostly relatively mild, the outbreak in Mexico appears to be striking young, healthy adults, conjuring images of the devastating 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. But the WHO has dispatched a team of experts to assist Mexican authorities, who have shut down schools, museums, libraries and advised residents to stay home.

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Pat R said...

this is definitely scary stuff, sounds a lot more serious than the peanut butter salmonella scares at the very least

Alice C. Linsley said...

Around 85 deaths so far in Mexico. It is treatable, but many Mexicans have neither the money or the access to medical treatment.