Monday, September 27, 2010

Iran Calls Obama an "international villain"

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani slammed US President Barack Obama as an "international villain" for his comments on Iran and warned that Teheran needs to be vigilant during its confrontation with Washington, according to a Fars news agengcy report on Sunday.

"Today, the US is standing against the Iranian nation, Obama should know that we do not want his messages, rather we need to be able to trust his words," Larijani said during an address in Iran's Southern province of Fars on Saturday.

Larijani spoke about Obama's recent remarks on Iran and asked "how dare Obama announce that he wants to help the Iranian nation? He should know that he is an international villain, he has never sided with the Iranian nation."

Larijani said, according to the report, that Washington has a hypocritical approach towards nuclear issues in Iran, specifically with regards to the supply of nuclear fuel for the Teheran research reactor.

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