Friday, December 18, 2009

Survey: Economy 's Effects at Christmas?

It’s been a rough year, economically and in other ways. People have lost homes and jobs, and economic uncertainty is eating away at a lot of Americans right now.

So, as we enter the final week before Christmas, we’d like to conduct a little unscientific survey. Let us hear from you on your thoughts and experiences regarding Christmas in a lean year: Are you celebrating Advent and Christmas any differently this year? Why? What sorts of things are you doing differently? What has changed for you over the past year? Do you work for a company that has not been able to hand out end-of-year bonuses or throw a Christmas party? Have you agreed with family and friends to not exchange gifts, for economic reasons of your own, or perhaps because, in solidarity with the unemployed, you wish to avoid the sometimes excessive practices associated with this time of year? Have you considered giving a gift to a charity in someone else’s name as an alternative Christmas gift?

How has any of this affected your spiritual preparations for Christmas?

Please e-mail me by Dec. 22 (, with “Christmas in a Lean Year” in the subject line. It doesn’t have to be long — just what’s happening in your life. I can’t promise to respond to everyone, but I’d like to post something here on Dec. 24 based on the experiences of Register readers. Unless you state otherwise, I’ll feel free to use your name and any other identifying information.

Thanks, and best wishes for a holy Advent season.

John Burger
News Editor, NC Register

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