Friday, December 11, 2009

Island States Want Lower Emissions

At the Copenhagen Climate Summit the island state of Tuvalu insists on emissions cuts of less than 1.5 degrees C instead of the accepted 2 degrees. Tuvalu and the Alliance of Small Island States say they will not be able to survive the rise in sea-level if temperatures warm up to 2 degrees or more.

The largesr poweres regard their insistence as a diversion of attention from the present negotiations on the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol which have been suspended until G-77 sorts out their differences.

This fear and trembling is caused by doom-sayers who are getting richer promoting "global warming" on the basis of half-truths.

Meanwhile, the US negotiator Todd Stern said that the US didn't accept any responsibility for the past. That should go over really well, folks.

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