Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Activists Teargassed in Copenhagen

Danish police have teargassed climate activists in Copenhagen after a debate organized by Climate Justice Action, which included journalist Naomi Klein, and had a strongly critical approach to the UN talks. The police attacked protesters with tear gas, dogs, flash bombs and indiscriminate arrests. (1)

Oskar Dresling, who was attending the debate before the attack, said: "There was no reason for this attack. The police have raided Christiania before, but this was clearly an act designed to intimidate, harrass and terrorize the climate activists assembled in Copenhagen. They think that by attacking us while we party, we'll be afraid to come out on the streets this week.

"But we will not be deterred so easily. Climate change is too important an issue to be left to the kinds of governments that terrorize their own people like this."

The raid began at around 23.30. At midnight police surrounded a bar where the activists were assembled, and tear gassed the immediate surroundings. The whole aea of Christiania was blocaded until 1.15am.

There are currently 210 reported arrests. Yet again Danish police have ignored the human rights of protesters, refusing them medical attention or toilet facilities while under arrest in the street. (2)

Climate Justice Action has condemned the violent attack by the Danish police, and sees it as a clear attempt to silence the critics of COP15. Richard Bernard from the group said: "It seems that the only debate the Danish governmet can tolerate is one with big business and rich governments."


(1) This continues from the 1000+ arrests made over the weeked, from which only 9 activists have been charged.


(3) Video available at

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