Monday, March 9, 2009

INTERPOL Tracking Terrorists by DNA

ISLAMABAD, March 8: Interpol has asked India to provide DNA profiles of terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks, including Ajmal Kasab so that their international links may be ascertained.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Interpol’s secretary general Ronald K. Noble said: “India is asked to provide DNA profiles of terrorists to Interpol so that all countries affected by terrorism can benefit from it to track down terrorists.” He urged the 187 member countries to provide the DNA details of terrorists to the Interpol database which contains more than 83,000 DNA profiles.

Pakistan has already agreed to share the DNA database of terrorists with the organisation. The DNA profiles of Ajmal Kasab’s parents provided by Pakistan to Interpol could be matched with the DNA test reports of Kasab sought by Pakistan from India.

Sources in the interior ministry told Dawn that India was reluctant to reply to questions raised by Pakistan and its request for DNA profiles of Kasab.

Mr Noble said Interpol had found similarities in the modus operandi of the Mumbai and Lahore attacks and it seemed both were committed by the same group. He said that although Interpol was conducting investigation into the Lahore attack, its experts had found similarities in the methods adopted in the Mumbai and Lahore attacks, the weapons used and food items and gadgets carried by terrorists.

The Interpol secretary general said that for the first time since the Mumbai attacks, Interpol had been receiving information of paramount importance that would allow it to help Pakistan’s FIA to determine the international dimension of both the attacks. “For the first time, we have police information about those who planned, facilitated and funded those attacks, and found detailed information about telephone numbers, bank accounts used in terrorist financing as well as internet addresses and the equipment and material used to perpetrate the crime,” he said.

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