Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pelosi: Hypocrisy, Ignorance or Reinvention?

"CINO" -- or "Catholic in name only" -- is an acronym used to describe a public figure who claims to be a member in good standing of a Catholic church but who supports concepts and actions that directly violate not only scripture but also their own church's codes. Brown contends this type of "political corruption" is very popular today.

The name that most quickly comes to Brown's mind when considering the growing CINO trend is Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker and Democrat extraordinaire. However, Brown does not find Pelosi's blatant "hypocrisy" between the faith she claims (Catholic) and the issue she supports (abortion) to be the most upsetting aspect. What bothers the pro-life leader most is the failure – "inability or unwillingness," she calls it – of the Catholic bishops to address this problem in their churches and communities.

According to the Family Research Council, Pelosi deems abstinence-only programs a danger to youth in America and believes "the only solution is to elect more pro-abortion politicians" – while at the same time calling herself a "devout Catholic" and mother of five children. Brown believes the Speaker has the right as an American to state her beliefs, even if they differ from the church she claims to be a part of; but Brown also contends such statements cannot go unaddressed by the authority of that same church when they directly violate its canon. Brown says "corrective statements should be made by [Roman Catholic] Church authorities who realize that [Pelosi's] words are creating confusion and scandal, not only among Catholics but also among the population at large."

Brown says Pelosi – like many other Catholic pro-abortion Democrats in Congress such as Ted Kennedy (Mass.), John Kerry (Mass.), Joe Biden (Del.), and Chris Dodd (Conn.) – is "a victim of the philosophy undergirding the 1960s sexual revolution." She notes that Pelosi advocates a worldview of sexuality without any responsibility, and she laments that Catholic Church leaders are doing nothing to correct the mistaken belief that a person can demoralize Catholic teaching with no consequences or accountability – what Brown calls "reinventing Catholic teaching to suit [the CINO's] own agenda." This agenda, according to Brown, is a murderous social agenda that destabilizes communities and individual lives while also "rain[ing] down terror" on unborn babies.

Read it all here. (Hat tip to Stand Firm.)

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