Monday, August 11, 2008

Catholics and Protestants Have Different Values

In a national study conducted by The Barna Group of 8 categories of Christians, Catholics and Protestants are shown to have different values and desires. The study found:

A comparison of the desired life of Protestants and Catholics produced several distinctions. For instance, Protestants were twice as likely to list working in a high-paying job as something they consider a highly desirable element for their life (33% did so, compared to 15% of Catholics) and they were somewhat less likely to mention living close to family and relatives (63%, versus 74% among Catholics).

The biggest gap, though, related to matters of faith. Protestants were significantly more likely than Catholics to say it would be very desirable to be personally active in a church (60% vs. 41%, respectively); to have a close personal relationship with God (84% versus 76%); and to be deeply committed to the Christian faith (75% versus 59%).

Read the whole report here.

I noted that the study didn't include Orthodox, but I'd bet that Orthodox would closely align with Roman Catholics on living close to family and relatives, but more closely to Protestants on high-paying jobs. As to church attendance, I'd guess that the percentage would vary depending on whether the subject was a cradle Orthodox or a convert.

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