Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Corporate Wrongdoing Wrongly Named"

Chris MacDonald over at The Business Ethics Blog recently wrote:

Clear communication about business ethics is pretty fundamental to everything else we want to do in the field, regardless of what our specific interest is. Words matter. Fraud is not the same as cheating. Condoning is not the same as commending. Blackmail is not the same thing as extortion. In the interest of clarity, check out this story. It's about corporate wrongdoing, wrongly named. It's about an accusation that Shell Oil engaged in the form of misleading advertising known as "greenwashing." And yes, they did mislead in the way they were accused of, but no, it wasn't "greenwashing."

Here's the story, from the Vancouver Sun: Shell forced to pull 'misleading' ads promoting Canadian oilsands projects

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