Monday, August 8, 2011

Third Night of Rioting in London

LONDON was hit by a third night of violence today as rioting hopscotched around at least half a dozen neighbourhoods, leaving cars and buildings engulfed in flames and forcing Prime Minister David Cameron to rush back from his holiday to deal with the looting and destruction.

The violence also spread as far as Birmingham, England's second largest city some 193km north-west of the capital, where shop windows were reported smashed and property stolen.

The latest disturbances followed a weekend that saw a dozen suburbs hit by chaos in the streets. At least 215 people have been arrested and 25 charged following the rioting, according to Home Secretary Theresa May.

Mr Cameron, who had been on holiday with his family in Tuscany, cut his holiday short and was scheduled to return overnight and chair an emergency meeting on the riots today. London Mayor Boris Johnson was also reportedly returning from holiday.

Sky reported an extra 300 police officers were being called in from outside the metropolitan forces to help deal with the situation.

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