Sunday, August 7, 2011

Humanitarian Aid and Social Engineering

By Katherine Nikas

NEW YORK, August 4 (C-FAM) The small African nation of Malawi is at the forefront of efforts by Western governments to withhold aid for basic services in order to impose a homosexual agenda on unwilling developing countries.

This year, close to $350 million dollars of US financial aid was rescinded due to amendments in the country’s penal code criminalizing sodomy. Ultimately, Malawi acquiesced to bring its sodomy laws in line with those of the progressive West, but not without grave concerns about the new cultural imperialism on this issue.

“In as far as we cannot run away from the fact that we need their aid it is absurd for those countries to be forcing the country to embrace immoral cultures. We are a sovereign state and we deserve to be treated as such, aid or no aid”, said Dr. Hetherwick M. Ntaba, the chief political advisor to the president of Malawi.

The threat of withholding foreign aid has many implications that ultimately affect the basic human rights of Malawians such as the right to access food and water.

Last month, Germany announced it would withhold half of the $33 million in foreign aid promised to Malawi because of the criminalization of homosexuality and the restriction of press freedom. Press reports indicate that The Global Fund recently rejected Malawi's application for $560 million due to its laws regarding sodomy.

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Editor's Note:  Attempts to conform African societies to European sensibilities will fail. Eventually, Africans will learn to live without European and American aid. Or, they will take the aid and continue to conduct themselves according to their traditions and social customs.  

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