Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quote of the Week - John Stott

"It seems that there is almost no pastime the devil enjoys more than tipping Christians off balance. Although I claim neither close acquaintance with his person nor inside information into his strategy, I guess that this is one of his favourite hobbies. My conviction is that we should love balance as much as the devil hates it, and seek to promote it as vigorously as he seeks to destroy it. By our 'imbalance' I mean that we seem to enjoy inhabiting one or other of the polar regions of truth. If we could straddle both poles simultaneously, we would exhibit a healthy biblical balance. Instead, we tend to 'polarize'. Like Abraham and Lot we separate from one another. We push other people over to one pole, while keeping the opposite pole as our preserve." --John R.W. Stott (From "Balanced Christianity")

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