Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gadaffi is Killing Libyans Like He Kills Sheep

A Libyan woman called Rahma posted on the blog Alive in Libya. She describes her experience in Tripoli, in a suburb called Fashloom.

“[...] Fashloom is another suburb where there’s rioting and protesting, anti-government. And because of these riots, the cops as we speak are shooting live ammunition at them and grenades.”

In another post, a Libyan living in the US writes: “[Gadaffi] is killing Libyans like he kills sheep.[...] He paid African mercenaries for every person they kill”.

The Guardian and The Independent talk about a massacre... The Guardian interviewed an opposition writer who warns that Gaddafi will not leave without a bloodshed.

Meanwhile in the Arab press, most newspapers seem to agree on the fact that Gaddafi must resign.

According to Al Quods Al Arabi, the Libyan leader has no friends in the Arab world. The few friends he might have in the West are not likely to stick around, says the paper.

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