Thursday, May 13, 2010

Support BioEdge

One of the best sites for Ethics news is a weekly called BioEdge.  It needs readers' support to cover expenses and I enourage readers of Ethics Forum to make a donation.  Here is infomatrion from the Editor, Michael Cook:

Every week BioEdge reaches readers from the US, Canada and Italy to India, Argentina and Tajikstan. Here's what readers from around the world told us in our recent survey:

  • BioEdge is both leading and cutting!
  • The clear path in the dark media forest.
  • Good enough to be my only source of bioethics news.
  • I think it's a great site to discover what is really happening in bioethics, without the financial slant that makes so many reports out there afraid of the truth.
  • The international coverage is extremely valuable.
  • BioEdge is a superb source of informed information about developments in bioethics from the perspective of a sound moral philosophy

Ultimately, our goal is to promote human dignity as a foundation for bioethics. The mainstream media doesn't have enough time or patience to dig behind significant stories and identify trends. That's where BioEdge comes in.

The last time we asked for your support was in November. Since then, we have expanded our reporting team and revamped our website to make it more attractive. We have already started to design a new front page and to adopt social networking techniques.

BioEdge is a non-profit venture. It is a project of the New Media Foundation, an Australian non-profit which sponsors innovative projects in the media. We rely on volunteers and individual donations to cover our costs. We aren't supported by a university, an institute, a foundation -- or a drug company. Please consider a donation.

If you work in an institution, we can also issue an invoice as documentation.

Michael Cook
Editor, BioEdge

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