Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review of BABIES

Babies, directed by documentary filmmaker Thomas Balmès, who lives in Paris with his wife and three children, is a wholesome and balanced celebration of life, love, and family.

A. O. Scott (The New York Times):  If you love babies you will find it very hard not to love “Babies.” Is it that simple? I mean, who doesn’t love babies? … “Babies” just might restore your faith in our perplexing, peculiar and stubbornly lovable species.

Jeffrey Overstreet (Response).  Babies “possibly this year’s most important movie,” writing:  "This movie is a welcome relief: It shows us a world in which babies play an important role. That is to say—the real world.…"

Steven D. Greydanus (National Catholic Register) "Everyone should see Babies. Even people who have cats instead of children should see Babies."

Go see it!

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