Monday, November 7, 2011

What One Child Can Do

Hattie May Wiatt and she came from a poor Philadelphia family. On a given day she was turned away from Sunday School because there were so many children and not sufficient space.

Hattie died an untimely death as a child. She had been saving money to help pay for a larger church and at her death, the savings amounted to 57 cents.

Discovered under her bed after her death, that 57 cents became the spark that resulted in the building of the 3,300 seat, Temple Baptist Church, in Philadelphia (now owned by Temple university), Temple University itself, Good Samaritan Hospital (now called Temple University Hospital), and a large Sunday School building. Read the 1912 sermon, given by the Reverend Russell H. Conwell describing the incident.
Hattie May Wiatt's picture hangs in the Baptist Temple congregation which is now located in Blue Bell, PA.

H/T Rick Lobs' Ruminations

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