Sunday, January 9, 2011

41% of NYC Pregnancies End in Abortion

NEW YORK (CNS) — In response to recent statistics revealing that 41% of pregnancies in New York City in 2009 ended in abortion, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan reiterated the pledge of his predecessors to help any pregnant woman in need.

“Through Catholic Charities, adoption services, lobbying on behalf of pregnant women, mothers and infants, support of life-giving alternatives, health care and education of youth for healthy, responsible, virtuous sexual behavior, we’ve done our best to keep that promise, and these haunting statistics only prod us to keep at it,” he said during a Jan. 6 interfaith news conference in New York.

The statistics were released in late December by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in its annual summary of vital statistics. According to the figures, the 87,000 abortions performed in New York City in 2009 continues a pattern of decline from previous years, but the overall rate of abortions is much higher than the national average of 23%.

Speakers at the news conference called the percentage of abortions tragic and urged renewed efforts to promote chastity and support mothers and their children, born and unborn.

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