Friday, July 4, 2008

Colombia Rescue: Reason to Renew our Prayers

The world was stunned Wednesday, July 2, by the audacious and flawless military operation that rescued 15 hostages out of the hands of the FARC. According to Colombia's Defense Minister, Juan Manuel Santos, only Colombians were involved in the rescue operation.

The 3 American hostages arrived safely in Texas where they were reunited with their families. While still in the jungle and unaware that he was being rescued, Keith Stansell said for the camera "I love my family. Pray a lot."

The fate of the estimated 700 remaining hostages is uncertain. FARC will not take this loss of face without a bloody show of strength. The 2003 rescue operation resulted in the rebels killing 10 hostages, including Colombia’s former defense minister.

Ingrid Betancourt, 2002 contender for the Presidency in Colombia, was reunited with her children in Botogá. The following day she visited the church that holds the remains of her father, who died while she was in captivity. Later, she flew to France where she was greeted by President and Mrs. Sarkozy, who threw a party at the royal palace in her honor.

Meanwhile, back in Bogatá, the rescued Colombian policemen John Duran, Julio Buitrago and Armando Castellanos celebrated with fellow policeman at the Police Club.

In times like this, when we rejoice with the rescued, we should also renew our prayers for those still in captivity. And, while we will never know the names of all those who helped to make this operation successful, we should give thanks for their service.

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