Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Tatiana and her son

Tatiana Vyushinskaya is a native of Moscow where she works as an interior designer. Here is her story:

I’ve always loved the process of designing and creating beautiful spaces for a living, and my designs have received commendations from both clients and professionals. However, my present career path does not allow much room for professional, personal, or financial growth. My present salary allows me to modestly support myself, my son and my mother, who live with me in our Moscow flat, but my hope is to develop my skills in creative new directions and to better provide for my family.

For some time, my dream has been to expand my work to include scenography, giving me the creativity, space, time and potential for career development. I hardly dared apply for a program in London at the University of London School of Speech and Drama - the place where many of England's greatest Shakespearean actors have studied, and the place with the degree and training I am seeking, but a few American friends in Moscow urged me on. With no previous experience in theater design, after my first interview, I was asked to design a series of sketches to go along with a poem by the 20th century avant-garde Irish poet and playwright Samuel Beckett, which resulted in an hour-long lively conversation with the examiner who considered them “brilliant”, and admitted me to the school!
If my dream comes true, I will also be able to take my five-year-old son, Tikhon, to London to specialists working with children with Asperger's syndrome, which he has, and find the future care that he needs. He is currently involved with socializing play-therapy groups; however, Asberger’s treatment is rather new to Russia and I believe that he could greatly benefit from the programs and support groups that British therapists and parents of children with Asberger’s have developed since the 1980’s. I am already in touch with some of these parents, and can see that their programs are several decades ahead of us.
If you feel moved to donate - I would be very grateful! The tuition cost of the program must be raised by October of this year, giving me just a few months. I can provide any information necessary, also sketches, my portfolio, a copy of my acceptance letter and recommendations as needed. I am also open to an interest-free loan or other options.

Tatiana's friends add: please join us in bringing out the sun! Your generosity to help create this possibility is much appreciated.

Donations can be made here.

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