Monday, September 1, 2008

Homosex: A Moral Choice

The question surely is not whether our desires are “natural”, but how should we then live? Psychi­atrists cannot adjudicate over mat­ters of moral theology. The divine intention for the ordering of human relationships is something that the Church must discern for itself.

Norah Cooke Hurle Professor of Mental Health and Consultant Psychiatrist
University of Bristol
Bristol BS6 6JL

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St. James said...

Links to information about the morality of "homosex:"

Alice C. Linsley said...

Sex of any type involves a moral decision. Heterosexuals and homosexuals both have to take responsibility for what they do with their bodies. Monks decide for celibacy. Married couples decide for fidelity. Gay and lesbians decide what to do with their bodies and the moral value of their relationships. Problems arise when one group imposes its morality on another or when the courts legislate a morality that conflicts with other groups. Problems arise, for example, when homosex is required to be taught in sex education in public schools funded by taxpayers who might be opposed to that morality.